How to Place an Initial Order

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Troop Cookie Manager

Placing an Initial Cookie Order

  1. Log in at

If you serve more than one role in your Service Area (such as Service Area Cookie Manager and Troop Cookie Manager or Troop Cookie Manager for two troops), then you will see an additional screen. Please select the correct role you want to work on to make updates or changes.

  1. To place an initial cookie order, click on “Cookies,” then select “Initial Order.”

  1. Across from each girl’s name, enter in the number of individual boxes/packages the girl sold. The spreadsheet will automatically calculate the total number of boxes sold by that girl. Repeat process for each girl.

  1. Once the girl orders are entered, include any packages you want in addition to the initial girl order for your Cookie Booth(s) under the Booths/Extras line. Your troop may receive extra packages with the initial order, due to shipments being in full cases.

  1. When you are doing entering each girl’s order and Cookie Booth order, but not ready to submit it to the Service Area Cookie Manager, click “Save.” When you are ready to submit it to your Service Area Cookie Manager, click “Commit.”

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