Troop Cookie Manager Information Packet

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2017 Troop Cookie Manager (TCM)

Information Packet

2017 Cookie Program Dates for TCMs                                 


TCMs attend trainings and Cookie Rally


TCMs host girl/parent trainings

January 20- February 5

Door-to-door cookie orders (no money is collected at this time)

January 20

Begin scheduling Cookie Booths in Snap+

February 6- 10

TCMs collect girl order cards and enter orders in Snap+

February 6 – March 24

Keep Goal-ing –order cards provided!  Additional Keep Goal-ing order cards are available at

March 1- 8

Cookies are delivered to Service Areas

March 3 – April 2

Troops host Cookie Booths and walkabouts (direct sales)

March 28

GSNWGL debits 50% of amount owed from troop bank accounts

April 3 - 6

Reward orders finalized and submitted in Snap+, payments for secondary cookie orders deposited into troop account

*make sure all cookies are transferred to the correct girl.

April 13

GSNWGL debits final amount owed from troop bank accounts


Rewards delivered to Service Area Cookie Managers

May 15

Uncollected Funds Forms due to GSNWGL Product Program Department.

June 30

Final day to report reward and Cookie Dough discrepancies to GSNWGL Product Program Department

My SACM:                                                                                                           My SACM’s phone number:                             

My SACM’s email address:                                                                                                                                          

Be Unique. Be You. The 2017 Girl Scout Cookie Program is here!

It’s time to celebrate what makes your girl shine – whether it’s smarts, kindness, or something else entirely her, we want to encourage her to be, well, her!  The ABC 2017 Cookie Program theme does just that. Be Unique. Be You. gets to the heart of what it means to be a Girl Scout – pursuing your interests, being with friends who understand you, and having a ton of fun! With the help of our llama mascot we’ll learn all about finances through the 5 Skills!

  • Goal Setting
  • Money Management
  • Decision Making
  • People Skills
  • Business Ethics

100 Years of Girl Scout selling Cookies and Our New S’mores Cookie.

This year marks 100 years of Girl Scout selling cookies! Many things have changed over the years, like who bakes the cookies, but learning, fun, and tasty cookies have never gone out of style. To celebrate 100 years of cookie fun we’re introducing a new cookie!

Going back to our roots, our S’mores cookie is 100% Girl Scout. This crispy graham cookie is double dipped it with a yummy crème icing and a scrumptious chocolatey coating so you get all the flavor of the fireside favorite without the sticky mess. The original recipe for S’mores appeared in a Girl Scout cook book and we’re thrilled to add their cookie counterpart to our already stacked cookie line-up!

All girls who participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program are eligible to earn the annual Cookie Activity Pin. By earning the pin, girls will demonstrate knowledge of the 5 skills. Requirements to earn the pin can be found here:

Make Sure Your #CookieBosses Are Ready to Sell
All girls must be registered Girl Scouts and return a signed permission form to their leader or Troop Cookie Manager to participate. Once all that’s squared away – set your goal and hit the streets (with an adult of course)!

Trios - Gluten Free Cookie

Gluten-Free Trios are BACK! Trios are made with real peanut butter, delicious chocolate chips, and certified whole grain gluten free oats. Trios are baked in a dedicated gluten free facility and are certified Gluten Free by NSF International. Trios come in a 5-ounce re-sealable standing pouch, 12 pouches per case. Because they cost more to make, we will be offering them for $5 per package.

Trios will not be available for customers to order during the initial order taking period. They will be available for immediate delivery during direct sale time at booths and walkabouts. Our stock at cookie cupboard will be limited. If your troops pre-ordered Trios in September, they will be included on the truck for your service area’s delivery.

Troops will earn the same proceeds per package of gluten-free Trios cookies sold as all other varieties. Girls will also earn credit towards girl rewards on their sales. There will be a Gluten-Free Patch available to purchase in the Council Shop that will fit with the other theme patches from this cookie sale! 

Digital Cookie

With features for goal setting, planning, and online marketing, COCO is an online destination that gives girls all of the tools and resources they need to be successful in the cookie sale and build The 5 Skills that are at the heart of the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Think of COCO as command central for your Girl Scout's cookie business!  Get started in COCO by going to or use the COCOmobile app.

Online marketing:  In addition to using the order card to collect orders, girls can expand their customer base by using the online marketing tools. Girls can send eCards to their regular customers to collect orders and spend more boots on the pavement time finding new customers. These cookie promise orders will be delivered and paid for in person. Girls will receive an email back from the customer with their order. It is her responsibility to add the customer’s order to her order card, deliver, and accept payment for cookies. The online marketing option also has a COCOdirect experience.

COCOdirect is a direct-to-consumer order process where the girl either sends out a different eCard through COCO online, or takes an order for COCOdirect through the mobile app. The customer orders, pays for, and receives the cookies with no money collection or delivery by the girl. COCOdirect allows consumers to purchase online with a credit card and have Girl Scout Cookies shipped directly to their home or to friends or relatives. Volunteers and Girl Scouts can access COCOdirect through COCOmobile or on a computer through COCO Cookie Command.

All eight varieties of cookies plus gluten-free Trios will be available through COCOdirect in quantities of half dozen or dozen. There is also an eight-pack sampler that will be available and contains one package of each flavor of cookie. Customers are responsible for paying for shipping and orders are shipped daily on business days.

New! Online customers can now choose to donate cookies. There will be no shipping fee – we take care of delivering the cookies. There is a $1.25 processing fee per order.

Girls should only sell online through COCO – sales on Facebook, Craigslist, or any other online sites are strictly prohibited.

Cookie Share Donation

Cookie Share is our Council’s cookie service project. Cookie Share allows customers to purchase cookies to be donated to women and men serving in the military and to local shelters and food banks. Troops will not receive any cookies for the cookies ordered through the Cookie Share Program, the Council will donate the cookies directly to the military/shelters/foodbanks. During the 2016 Cookie Program, over 2000 cases of cookies were donated!

Follow these easy steps:

  • Ask every customer to buy Cookie Share for donation.
  • Record donations in the order card’s “Cookie Share” column.
  • Collect $4.00 for each order.
  • Turn in Cookie Share money and orders to your Troop Cookie Manager.
  • Sell 6+ packages of Cookie Share donations to earn the Cookie Share patch.

When placing a troop’s initial cookie order, all Cookie Share Donations should be entered in the CShare column in Snap+. If your girls had Cookie Share orders during cookie booths or on their Keep-Goal-ing cards, enter them in Snap+ as a reorder. You can find the reorder section under the Cookie icon in Snap+. Adding a Cookie Share reorder gives the girls credit toward the Cookie Share patch and other rewards.

Troops still have the option to donate and deliver cookies to an organization of their choice. To receive these donated cookies, troops will need to choose flavors in the girl’s order. In this case, there are no numbers under the CShare column in Snap+.

Keep Goal-ing

Girls can continue to take orders throughout the cookie program. When girls turn in their initial order cards, TCMs should hand out Keep Goal-ing order cards. Girls can take orders from February 6 – March 24. This is a great way for a girl or troop to reach their goals!

Keep Goal-ing orders can be filled from troop extras or cookie cupboards. Girls will continue to earn rewards, and troops will continue to earn proceeds during this time. 

Troop Proceeds

Troops earn proceeds based on the per-girl selling average (PGSA) of the girls participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program. The PGSA is determined by dividing the number of cookie packages sold by the troop and dividing by the number of girls in the troop who are participating in the Cookie Program. Additional cookies picked up before April 2 will increase the PGSA of the troop. It is important to remember these proceeds belong to the troop as a whole, and not to the individual members of the troop.

Per-Girl Selling Average

Troop Profit*

1-149 packages

$0.58 per package

150-199 packages

$0.70 per package

200+ packages

$0.75 per package

*Troops who participated in the 2016 Fall Product Program will receive an additional $0.03 per package in troop profit. (Three girls from the troop needed to participate in the Fall Product Program. If a troop consists of only two girls and they both participated, their troop qualifies!)

*Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors may receive an additional $0.15 in profit in place of rewards. The whole troop must agree on this. Regardless, all girls will receive all their earned patches. Cookie Dough and Membership is part of the rewards plan and will not be awarded to opt-out troops.

Council Shop Items

Check out our retail stores and online shop for some awesome Girl Scout Cookie swag! These items will be available while supplies last. You may pre-order any of these items by emailing gluten-free patch, cookie booth patch, my first cookie sale patch, t-shirts, and more!


All troops will be using the online database, Snap+, to enter orders and track payments, additions, and transfers. Snap+ will look a lot like it did last year, but ABC has partnered with IBM to rebuild Snap’s infrastructure and to address the issues that we faced last year! Snap has undergone a summer of rebuilding and rigorous testing and is ready for the 2017 cookie season!

Our helpful guides to Snap+ will be available on our website; along with links to valuable step-by-step Snap+ instructional videos on YouTube. We will be hosting webinars during cookie season to help with key parts of the sale – no registration is necessary! Snap 101 will be offered in late January and a wrap up webinar will be offered in late March. Look for emails with more information and links for the upcoming webinars featuring helpful tips and instructions about key portions of the cookie program.

Cookie Cupboards

  • Hosted at each of GSNWGL’s Service Centers and other strategic, satellite locations from March 2- April 2
  • Used to fill keep goal-ing orders or to stock cookie booths and walkabouts
  • Pick up cookies by the package or by the case
  • No payment needed at Cookie Cupboards
  • No returns or exchanges are available at Cookie Cupboards

Planned Orders

After you receive your initial cookie order, you may need a re-fill. To ensure that the cookies are available when needed, TCMs should place a planned order in Snap+ the Sunday before the weekend of the Cookie Booth. Troops may set a date for pick-up in Snap+, but will have to contact the Cookie Cupboard Manager to arrange a time to meet. If, for some reason, the variety or quantity of cookies requested isn’t available, the Cookie Cupboard Manager may recommend a different variety or quantity.

Entering a Planned Order into Snap+

  • Under the cookie icon, find Planned Order
  • Select the cupboard for your area and your pick-up date
  • Enter the number of cases/ packages you want
  • Click Submit

The order can be seen on the management page. Once a troop commits their order, they cannot change it; a cupboard manager will have to make any changes for them in Snap+. Once the order has been picked up from the Cookie Cupboard, the Cupboard Manager will transfer the cookies from that cupboard to the troop. Troops need to remember to transfer packages from their troop to the girls.

Swapping Cookies between Troops

Cookies does not need to take place. For all other transfers, email your Service Area Cookie Manager or with both the contributing and receiving troop numbers and the number of packages (by flavor) being transferred. Your SACM or the Product Program Department will then transfer the cookies in Snap+. Financial responsibility for these cookies will transfer from the contributing troop to the receiving troop.

The Product Program department will send a confirmation email upon completion of the transfer. No funds will need to change hands between troops. 

Uncollected Funds Policy

Family Debt

Please attempt to contact families with outstanding balances a minimum of three times. If funds are still not collected after these attempts, complete the Uncollected Funds Form by May 15 and turn it in along with the signed parent/guardian permission slip and the signed receipt(s) for money and/or products. Without the appropriate documents attached, the debt becomes the responsibility of the TCM.

NSF Debt

If a customer or family check bounces due to insufficient funds, a closed account, or other reasons, attempt to make one contact to the individual whose check bounced. If you are unable to resolve the issue, submit an Uncollected Funds Form to GSNWGL’s Product Program Department with the bank notice, returned NSF check, and any supporting documents (e.g. letters, emails, etc.) If a family of a girl writes a check that is NSF it will be handled like Family Debt.

Troop Debt

When a troop is slow to pay, fails to pay, or does not have the necessary funds in the troop bank account, a minimum of three attempts will be made to contact the TCM. If no collection is possible or no payment arrangement has been made, the next steps will be determined by GSNWGL’s Product Program and Finance Departments, which may include police involvement and/or small claims.

Notifying GSNWGL

It is necessary for families or TCMs who cannot retrieve uncollected funds to contact GSNWGL’s Product Program Department promptly so that troop bank accounts can be debited the appropriate amount according to the
ACH timeline. Notify the Product Program Department at least three business days in advance if money is not available for scheduled ACH withdrawals. Troops will be charged a $12 fee for any withdrawals that fail due to lack funds.

Uncollected Funds Forms and all other required documentation should be mailed to:

Girl Scouts of the Northwestern Great Lakes, Inc.
ATTN: Product Program Department
4693 N. Lynndale Drive
Appleton, Wisconsin 54913

If the family or troop receives partial or full payment after the documentation has been submitted to GSNWGL, please contact the Product Program Department immediately at or 888.747.6945.

Cookie Meeting with Girls and Families

Before the Girl/Family Meeting:

  • Verify that all girls are registered for the 2016-2017 membership year before participating in the Cookie Program. If girls are not registered, please have them do so before beginning the program.
  • All TCMs must attend a SACM-hosted training.
  • Communicate the girl/family meeting date to your girls and parents/guardians. It is important that the parents/guardians attend, as a lot of valuable and essential information will be presented.
  • Establish troop goals with the Troop Leader and the girls.

Troop Training Checklist

  • Distribute Girl/Family Packet and have everyone fill in your information on page one of the Girl/Family Packet. Information for the Cookie Program will filter through you; parents will need to be able to reach you.
  • Share the goal that your troop has set. Encourage families and girls to set individual goals as well.
  • Discuss the recognition plan and troop proceeds.
  • Go over the components of the sale:
    • Order-taking: Girls use order cards to collect initial orders, which are then turned into the TCM, who retains the cards until cookie pickup. Girls use the cards to deliver cookies.
    • Keep Goal-ing sales: Girls continue to take orders after initial door-to-door sales end. Keep Goal-ing cards can be used through March 24. These orders will be filled through surplus troop cookies or from a cookie cupboard.
    • Delivery and money collection: Remind girls and families that money is collected at delivery, and all checks should be made payable to Girl Scouts; not to the girl or her parent/guardian. Parents should not write one check to pay for the cookies.
    • Cookie Booths: Discuss the possibilities of hosting Cookie Booths. Encourage girls and families to participate. Girls and troops continue to earn recognitions and proceeds throughout all aspects of the sale.
  • Review the dates of the sale in the Girl/Family Packet. Have families fill in key dates on this page.
  • Remind everyone that the sale begins Friday, January 20, 2016. Girls and parents are on an honor system not to take any orders before January 20.
  • Discuss the importance of adult supervision, the buddy system, and other safety issues. Refer to the safety guidelines found on the order cards and the Girl Permission Slip. (found on our website at http://gsnwgl/cookies)
  • Remind girls to set up their COCO accounts for online marketing  Reference the Girl/Family Packet for more information.
  • Get signed permission slips, and then distribute order cards and money envelopes. Have girls write their first names, the initial of their last name and their troop number on their money envelopes and order cards.
  • Have fun! The Girl Scout Cookie Program is a great opportunity for the girls to experience growth
     and success!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If someone returns a damaged package of cookies to us, what do we do with it?

A: Replace the cookies immediately with those you already have, then return the damaged package to the nearest cookie cupboard for replacement.

Q: Is it true that when you place your initial cookie order, the order is rounded up to cases?

A: Yes, troops must order cookies by the case. Surplus cookies are great for cookie booth sales and Keep-Goaling orders!

Q: Does the Council accept returns?

A: No, our Council does not accept returns of unsold cookies. Please review your cookie order carefully before submitting it.

Q: Who is responsible for the cookies if the TCM doesn’t get a signed receipt from a parent?

A: If a receipt is not signed and kept, the TCM is responsible for the payment of those cookies. It is extremely important to get signed receipts for all cookies and money exchanged. Please keep receipts one year after the sale is completed.

Q: Can I get cookies from a cupboard without a Planned Order?

A: Absolutely. Planned Orders are important and they insure that cookie cupboards remain fully stocked with all cookie varieties. Whenever possible a Planned Order should be submitted. If stock is limited, preference goes to troops with Planned Orders.

Troop 100 contest

2017 marks the one-hundreth anniversary of the first known sale of cookies by Girl Scouts, and we’re ready to celebrate. Join the nationwide celebration by participating in Girl Scouts of the USA’s Cookie Troop 100.

One lucky troop from EVERY council across the country will win $100 each to put toward their awesome cookie Take Action or service project and one VERY lucky troop will win $3,000 to super power their cookie project! 

All council troops can participate! Troop 100 is open January 3 - April 30, 2017. Troops participate in 4 easy steps:

  1. Set a troop goal and share the plan for your cookie money – what cool stuff will you do to improve your community this year?
  2. Earn a Cookie Business badge – you can take your pick and earn!
  3. As a troop, ask 100 NEW customers to buy cookies.
  4. Bling Your Booth. Gather your troop and get those creative juices flowing to come up with a fun theme- a party, a race, a cookie disco – what will it be? You can even do a Cookie 100th twist. Just remember to snap a cool photo!

Once all four steps are completed, submit your troop entry at to unlock your patch, and enter for a chance to win cash to invest in your cookie Take Action or service project.

Winning troops will be randomly selected – no voting necessary.

  • Steps one through three will be administered on the Girl Scout honor system. Other than completing the online entry form at during the submission period, there's no need to provide any further verification. 
  • Step four will require a submission photo of their decked-out booth, with the troop in action, to be submitted by the troop leader/volunteer at the time the entry form is completed.

5 for 5
Any customer that purchases 5 or more packages of Girl Scout cookies in a single order will have their name placed in a drawing for 5 cases of Girl Scout cookies of their choice! Donation cookies count towards their 5 packages.

Five winners will be selected after February 15 and five more will be selected after April 2!

By February 15, enter all of your customers that purchased five packages or more from your initial order card at At booths, ask your customers who purchase five or more packages at one time to add their contact information on the booth sign-up sheet. On or before midnight on April 2, enter your booth customer and Keep-Goaling customer information at

Be sure to include your name, troop number, and your customer contact information.

If your customer wins 5 cases, your troop will win $100!

#gsCookieBoss Instagram Challenge

In honor of 100 years of Girl Scouts selling cookies, GSUSA is planning a brand new challenge! Share your cookie selfie and win! Here’s everything you need to know:

When: February – March 2017 (exact dates to be confirmed)

Who can participate: Girl Scouts 13+ (including Alumnae) 

What are the rules:

  • Follow @GirlScouts on Instagram
  • Upload a “selfie” photo to Instagram and hashtag #gsCookieBoss and tag @GirlScouts
  • Share a cool experience that was powered by the cookie program or a lesson learned as a “Cookie Boss.”


Prize per winner will include:

  • Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera
  • Gold Engraveable Necklace provided by Stella & Dot

*Winners will be randomly selected.

If you have additional questions that were not answered in this packet, please contact the Product Program Department at 888.747.6945 or

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