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2017 Cookie Booth Information Packet

2017 Cookie Booth Dates  

January 20 - March30

Troops may enter Cookie Booth information into Snap for Council approval. Booths are approved on a first-come, first-served basis. Don’t forget to reserve cookie costumes from the Council Shop!

February 6 - March 24

Girls take orders with Keep Goal-ing cards

March 3-April 2

Cookie Booth sales

March 2-April 2

Cookie Cupboards open for booth cookies. If additional cookies are needed, make sure you use the planned order process.

Benefits of Hosting a Cookie Booth

Cookie Booths are a great way for your troop to earn additional proceeds by selling Girl Scout cookies directly to the public at area businesses. In addition, they provide the girls the opportunity to set up, run and manage their own cookie store. Troops contact local businesses to arrange dates and times for the sale, conduct transactions, handle money, build their presentation and conversational skills, set up product displays, manage inventory, and more! Cookie booths are held at many locations including grocery stores, gas stations, movie theaters, and malls. Cookies sold at a cookie booth should be transferred to the girls selling at the booth (troop to girl transfer). All troops are eligible to participate in cookie booths!

Cookie Booth FAQ

Where can we have a booth sale?

Be creative! Think outside of the box! There are many different places that may be willing; all you have to do is ask! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Grocery stores
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Sporting events
  • Banks
  • Movie rental stores
  • Local businesses
  • Quick oil change stores
  • Department stores
  • Bowling alleys
  • Movie theaters
  • Community events
  • Shopping malls
  • Convenience stores
  • Craft sales
  • Universities/colleges
  • Car dealerships
  • Rummage sales
  • Parks/playgrounds
  • Car washes

Can troops sell to businesses?

Yes! However, troops cannot sell to restaurants or other locations that may use the name of the cookie as a selling point.

A couple of years ago, we heard about a troop that contacted a local car dealership and asked if they would like to purchase cookies to give out to their customers. The troop sold a large amount of Thanks-A-Lots to the dealership!

Do you know of any businesses in your area that may be interested in doing something similar? If so, encourage your girls to make contact with them. You may be starting a great business partnership between the company and the girls.

Do girls continue to earn rewards while participating in Cookie Booth sales?

Yes! Girls will continue to earn additional recognitions and Cookie Dough by participating at Cookie Booths. Credit for the number of packages sold at a Cookie Booth is divided equally among the girls at the Cookie Booth. The cookies will then have to be transferred from the troop to the girl in Snap in order for her to receive the correct recognitions.

Cookie Booth Marketing

Once the Cookie Booth has been scheduled, it’s time to market your booth. This is a chance for girls to have fun, be creative, and exercise those skills they’ve learned throughout the Cookie Program. Decorate your booth to show your customers what your goals are, what your troop has done, or what your troop hopes to do with the proceeds that your troop has earned! Contact your local Shop Specialist to reserve cookie costumes! Check out ways that other troops around the country are decorating their booths! 

Entering Cookie Booths into Snap

Your troop’s cookie booth will be submitted when your cookie booth is entered and approved in Snap! This also helps us track booths, and notify troops if there are any booth spaces that have been double booked.

  1. Hover over the word cookies
  2. In the dropdown menu, select Booth Scheduler
  3. In the side menu, select Troop Secured Booths
  4. When you get to the Request New Booth Sale Location, please make sure you enter all the requested information
  • Where it says “Chain/Store” enter the store name
  • Where it says “Location” enter the street the store is on

 e.g.   Chain/Store: Festival Foods, Location: De Pere

  1. Enter your name and phone number in the Contact Information section
  2. Enter your sale date and start/end times, click Add Time. If you don’t click Add Time, the request will not be saved and submitted to GSNWGL.
  3. All requests will be reviewed and approved/denied based on requests that have already been received.
  4. Check on your booth request often. Do not assume your booth will be approved and arrive at the business without confirming approval in Snap.

To schedule booths at Goodwill, Copp’s and Pick ‘N Save stores, University Avenue Market in Green Bay, and Scheel’s in Appleton:

  1. Hover over the word cookies
  2. In the dropdown menu, select Booth Scheduler
  3. In the side menu, select Schedule a Booth or Lottery Request
  4. In the list, select the store location in which you would like to have your booth
  5. After selecting the location, select the date for your booth on the calendar
  6. If the date shows “available” there are time slots that are available to be reserved – double click on that date
  7. A box will show the times that are available to be reserved – select the one that works best for you
  8. Once selecting the time, Snap will confirm that you want to reserve that time
  9. The booth is reserved and confirmed in Snap

If the calendar shows booked, both booth spaces for that date have been reserved.

First Come, First Serve Booths

Planned Orders

Again this year, we are using planned orders for cookies from cupboards! We are trying to ensure that the cookies you need for your booth/additional girl orders are available when you need them. Troop Cookie Managers will be required to place the planned order to obtain additional cookies.

  • A planned order for booth sales must be placed in Snap the Sunday before the Cookie Booth is held in order for the Cookie Cupboard to guarantee they will have the cookies you need.
  • Scheduled dates for planned orders are February 26, March 5, 12, 19, and 26.
  • The deadline for planned orders is midnight on those Sunday nights. Orders must be in by that time to guarantee an order.
  • Troop Cookie Managers will be able to set a date for pickup in Snap, but will have to contact the Cupboard Manager to arrange a time to pick up cookies.
  • Please remember, this is a request for cookies. If the variety or quantity of cookies you requested isn’t available, the Cupboard Manager may recommend a different flavor or quantity.

Entering a Planned Order into Snap

  1. Click on the word cookies
  2. Click Planned Order
  3. Select a cupboard from the dropdown menu
  4. Select a pickup date from the dropdown menu
  5. Enter the number of packages you want, click Submit. (ex: if you need a case of Thin Mints you will enter 12)

Once you commit your order, you cannot change it. Once you pick up your order from the cupboard, the Cupboard Manager will transfer the cookies from that cupboard to your troop. When the order is complete, you’ll be able to transfer the packages to your girls.

Entering a Planned Order

Transferring Cookies to Girls

New this year! There is a new (and easier!) way to transfer booth cookies to the girls this year! Go to the word cookies, then go down to booth scheduler. Select the Smart Divider option. After the booth, be sure to click on the booth location for your completed booth. You’ll see the girls’ names and the flavors of cookies. Under the flavors of cookies, enter the total number of packages that were sold at the booth. Once that’s completed, click on the divide button. They’re transferred! If there are boxes that are red under the flavor section, there are cookies that could not be divided evenly. You can add those cookies manually to the girls. Click on save, and you’ll see the transfer! Girls will continue to receive rewards for any booth cookies that are sold.

To transfer troop extras to the girls, use the following steps:

  1. Click on the word cookies
  2. Select Transfer Order
  3. Select the option signifying a transfer from troop to girl
  4. Review the boxes that appear on the left and right, which show how many cookies are currently available in your t roop to be transferred, and how many cookies each girl had sold initially.
  5. Click on your troop number. A pop-up box will appear. Enter the number of boxes the girl sold at the booth, click Ok.
  6. Click on the name of the girl you’re transferring cookies to in the right box. After you click on her name, the number should change to reflect the amount of boxes that were just transferred to her.
  7. Click Save at the bottom.

Transfer complete! You will have to repeat this step for each girl who participated in the booth.

Cookie Booth Planning

How many cookies should I take to a Cookie Booth?

For a two-hour Cookie Booth timeslot, plan on having about 100 boxes of cookies.

Disclaimer: The numbers below are a suggestion for you to help plan. You can also check with other troops in your Service Area to see what other suggestions they have or how many they have sold in the past.

Most troops order Cookie Booth cookies with their initial order. Keep in mind that cookies cannot be returned. If you have multiple booths scheduled, you can always place a planned order at a Cookie Cupboard to get more. Try to set up your booths before you place your cookie order with your initial order so you know that your booths are confirmed.

Percentage Recommendation

Thin Mints: 25%

Caramel deLites: 20%

Peanut Butter Patties: 18%

Peanut Butter Sandwiches: 8%

Lemonades: 8%

Shortbread: 6%

Thanks-A-Lots: 6%

Girl Scout S'Mores: 9%


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