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What is Digital Cookie?

Digital cookie is a groundbreaking new addition to the Girl Scout Cookie Program that creates a safe, interactive space for girls to sell cookies. It is the first national platform that adds a digital enhancement to the iconic Cookie Program. By introducing 21st century lessons about online marketing, application use, and e-commerce to millions of girls, Digital Cookie can help ensure their cookie business is the most successful it can be.

How does Digital Cookie work?

Digital cookie allows girls to use a mobile app or a link directly to their own, private website to enhance their cookie reach. The Digital Cookie platform through our baker, ABC, is called COCOdirect. Girls can access COCOdirect by downloading ABC’s COCOmobile app on a smartphone while connected to the internet. They can also send an ecard with a Digital Cookie (COCOdirect) link to friends and family members through COCO Online Marketing, accessible through If girls already have the COCOdirect link on their devices from last year, it is not necessary to delete it. Simply make sure they check for any updates available in their app store. If the girls do receive an error message, please be sure to log out of the app completely, and then re-enter their username and password.

Will girls who use Digital Cookie’s mobile and online app (COCOmobile and COCOdirect) still be able to send ecards through COCOmobile for girl delivery?

Yes. COCOmobile is one way for girls to access COCOdirect. Girls also have the ability to send a COCOdirect ecard from COCO online. The COCOdirect ecard includes a link to the COCOdirect website where friends and family can place an order, pay for the order, and have it shipped directly to their customers. 

 In the web version of COCO, does COCOdirect work on all ecards?

COCOdirect is available through one ecard on the web version of COCO. That ecard will be clearly marked on our website as “COCOdirect only”.

When will Digital Cookie be available for girls to start taking orders?

 Our Council will have Digital Cookie (COCOdirect) available for girls to begin taking orders on January 20, the first day of our Council’s sale.

Will all cookie varieties be available via Digital Cookie?

Yes. All of the GREAT eight cookie varieties offered by our bakers will be available for purchase in quantities of half dozen or dozens per variety. There will also be a sampler pack available to purchase that includes one package of each of the eight varieties. In addition, the gluten free Trios will be available for purchase via Digital Cookie at $5/package. ABC Bakers will stock the warehouse with Trios inventory that will be shipped on a first come, first served basis. When Trios inventory is depleted in the warehouse, an “out of stock” banner will be visible to the consumer who attempts to order that variety. Trios will not be included in the eight-package sampler pack.

Why doesn’t Digital Cookie work when a girl is not connected to the internet?

As an online shopping site, Digital Cookie requires an internet connection to place orders via a web portal.

How will sales via Digital Cookie be credited to troops and girls?

Councils will be able to import Digital Cookie (COCOdirect) sales directly into Snap to credit both the troop and the girl for packages sold. This functionality will be available to Council-level users only, and can be used throughout the sale. In order for troop data to be accurately uploaded, the girl must register in COCO selecting the correct Council and troop, and her name must be entered exactly as it is in Snap. Existing COCO accounts can be easily edited by the girl if corrections are needed to create the match of data.

How will Digital Cookie (COCOmobile & COCOdirect) orders be tracked?

Orders taken via COCOmobile/COCOdirect menu option will show up in girls’ mobile orders total.

How will payments for packages ordered through COCOdirect be credited to troops?

Councils will have an option in Snap that will allow them to create a troop deposit for the value of the cookies sold via COCOdirect. The value will not include any shipping and handling fees. This functionality in Snap will be available for Council-level users only. Troops will be able to view their financial transactions via the Finance icon in Snap and on the troop balance summary report. 

If a girl has a credit card reader, can she swipe the credit card information on the mobile device or does she need to enter it manually?

Credit card readers cannot be used with Digital Cookie (COCOdirect). Credit card info must be typed in.

What credit cards does Digital Cookie (COCOdirect) accept for payment?

It accepts all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. 

What about debit cards?

Yes. Debit cards that are issued by major credit card companies are accepted.

When is the credit card confirmed?

When the girl enters an order in the app, the consumer’s credit card is verified. The order will only be accepted if the credit card is valid. 

How are shipping charges calculated?

Shipping charges are automatically calculated when the order is placed by the consumer and added to the total charge for the order. Shipping for a half-dozen is $8.95 per item; a dozen is $15.30 per item; and the eight-pack sampler is $10.95 per item.

Are the shipping fees just for the 48 contiguous states or can you ship to Alaska and Hawaii?

Standard shipping fees are just for the contiguous 48 states. Alaska and Hawaii shipments cost an additional $15 per item.

Does the standard shipping cost cover military APO addresses?

An additional $5 per item ordered applies to shipments made to APO/FPO boxes.

How much is the expedite fee? And is it per order?

Expediting (overnight delivery) is an additional $21.95 per item ordered. 

Who pays for shipping and handling fees for Digital Cookie sales?

The consumer. 

How soon are orders shipped?

Orders are picked and shipped daily. All orders received by 4 p.m. ET on business days typically ship the same day. Orders received after 4 p.m. ET or on a non-business day (holidays and weekends) typically ship the following business day.

If a customer orders via Digital Cookie will they receive their cookies sooner than if they ordered directly from a girl?

Yes, orders placed via Digital Cookie are shipped daily. Orders placed through a GSNWGL Girl Scout will be delivered between March 1–15.

Can consumers have Digital Cookie purchases shipped to an address other than their billing address?

Yes. Digital Cookie offers the option of shipping to a different address and the consumer can also indicate if the shipment is a gift and can include a gift message. There is no packing slip included; shipping and delivery acknowledgements are emailed. 

Will there be YouTube training videos available on the Digital Cookie (COCOdirect) process? If so, who will be the audience?

Yes. ABC Bakers and/or GSNWGL will have YouTube videos available to explain the process for girls, caregivers, volunteers, and Council-level users.

Who do consumers contact if there is a problem with a Digital Cookie order (damage, lost shipment, etc.)?

Consumers will receive an email confirmation when the order is placed, shipped, and delivered that will have the appropriate contact information. Call ABC customer service at 800.221.1002 or email

Who should girls, volunteers, and councils contact with technical issues?

Please contact ABC’s 24/7 technology help desk at 800.853.3730 or email

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