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In an effort to provide effective, consistent services and resources to all areas of our Council, and provide support for the operations of troops, groups, and individually registered members, GSNWGL is divided by community or other designated regions into 63 Service Areas.
*Service Areas, organized by school district, are listed in Volunteer Connect.

Service Team

Service Areas are directed by a group of volunteers known as the Service Team. All Service Teams are led by a Service Area Manager. Other Service Team members are appointed for specialized roles and duties.

Service Area Leader Meetings

Service Area Leader Meetings are held monthly at convenient community sites. Contact your Community Development staff person for meeting schedules and locations. Typical meeting agendas include:

  • Informational updates on Service Area events, projects, opportunities for troops, and Council news
  • Training and enrichment mini-sessions
  • Networking, support, and idea sharing

Community Development Coordinators and Managers

A Community Development Coordinator or Manager is a GSNWGL staff person who works with the Service Area and Service Team to support all volunteers. The Community Development staff is a community liaison and a liaison between all Service Area members and our Council, providing resources and support throughout the year.

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