Council Owned/Leased Property Policies

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Hunting and the use of any firearms is prohibited on Council-owned properties.

Alcoholic Beverages

The use of alcohol is not permitted on Girl Scout property, or at any Girl Scout function involving girls, except on specific, pre-approved occasions. Persons under the influence of controlled substances or alcohol, or in possession of same, are prohibited from participation in any Girl Scout program or event.


The use or possession of any drugs at Council owned or leased properties, other than prescribed by a physician, is strictly prohibited. The use or possession of any drugs is not permitted at any girl event.


Smoking is not permitted in any Council-owned or leased building, vehicle, or on Council property. Smoking or use of tobacco products is prohibited at any girl event.

Outside Group Usage

The facilities of GSNWGL may be used by outside groups if the group and the planned activity are not in conflict with Council activities. Sponsoring groups agree to follow all guidelines and pay all fees and deposits as currently established and can provide proof of sufficient liability insurance coverage. The CEO has the right to approve or refuse a request by any outside group or establish additional restrictions for use at any time if she/he feels it is in the best interest of our Council.


Bringing cats and dogs to Council owned or leased property is prohibited, with the exception of service pets. In certain, unusual cases, permission may be granted for those living on site for extended periods provided they meet Council-defined conditions.

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