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Troop Money Earning

Girl Scout troops who participate in the annual Girl Scout Cookie Program are eligible to take part in money earning activities, provided that:

  • All fund raising guidelines are followed.
  • Activities requiring approval are submitted within defined timelines.
  • Money-earning activities are not scheduled during the order-taking or direct sales phases of our Council’s Girl Scout Cookie Program, during our Council’s Fall Product Program, or during local United Way drives.

*For further information on Troop/Group Money-Earning and to request approval for a Money-Earning Activity using the Money-Earning Activity Request Form, see Volunteer Connect.

GSNWGL is chartered by GSUSA and has non-profit status through the Internal Revenue Service. From a legal perspective, troops, groups, and Service Areas are a subdivision of the Council and councils are the only distinct legal entity and the only entity with tax exemption. The Council, and not any individual troop/group, is the 501(c)(3) charitable organization with the ability to receive tax deductible gifts.

It is part of our fiduciary responsibilities to our members to maintain our non-profit status by recording and accounting for donations given to the organization and its troops, groups, and Service Areas. All donors who make gifts of $250 or more, in cash or property, must be provided with an appropriate letter from the Council substantiating such gifts in order to claim a tax deduction.

*For complete information on Council Fund Development Activities, see Volunteer Connect.

Monetary donations to Troops/Groups or Service Area

Any monetary donations greater than $50 from a foundation, corporation, organization, government entity, or individual (including recognition of volunteer service hours) received on behalf of a GSNWGL troop/group, Service Area or individual must be accepted and recognized by GSNWGL. The Council will return 50 percent of the donation, not to exceed $250, to the designated troop/ group or Service Area. The balance of the donation will remain at the Council to support program development, property maintenance, volunteer support, and development.

Unsolicited monetary donations of $50 or less may be accepted directly by a troop/group or Service Area. No troop/group or Service Area may solicit for donations. Special considerations may be granted for Girl Scout Gold Award projects.


GSNWGL policies were written specifically to be in line with Girl Scouts of the USA policies and standards, by which every council is required to abide. The GSUSA Blue Book of Basic Documents-2012 includes sections related to fundraising that help you better understand the thought behind our policies (excerpts below):

Control of Funds - All money raised, or earned, and other assets received in the name of and for the benefit of Girl Scouting must be authorized by a Girl Scout council or Girl Scouts of the USA and used for the purposes of Girl Scouting. Such moneys and other assets become the property of and administered by the Girl Scout council or Girl Scouts of the USA. Such assets are not the property of individuals, geographic units, or communities within a Girl Scout Council.

Solicitation of Contributions - Adult members in their Girl Scout capacities may not solicit financial contributions for purposes other than Girl Scouting. Adults may engage in combined fundraising efforts authorized by the Girl Scout Council and in which the local council is a beneficiary. Girl members may not engage in any direct solicitation for money.

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