Troop Travel/Trip Policies

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For complete information on Troop Travel, see Volunteer Connect, Guidelines for Troop Trips.

Troops/Groups planning or taking field trips must follow all policies and procedures as outlined in GSUSA Safety Activity Checkpoints, Safety Guidelines, and Volunteer Essentials.

Trip Categories

Category 1: Trips to Council-owned properties or to Council-sponsored events
Leaders must follow directions on the site or Event Registration Form (see Volunteer Connect).

Category 2: Trips within our Council jurisdiction AND not involving an overnight stay
Leaders must carry with them a Parent Permission Form and a Health History Form (both on Volunteer Connect) for each girl. Council approval is not required.

Category 3: Trips inside or outside our Council jurisdiction AND one or two nights in length
Leaders must send in a Troop/Group Travel and High Risk Form (Volunteer Connect) to the Service Center at least two weeks in advance. {Additional insurance is required only if non-registered individuals are traveling with the troop/group.} Council approval is required.

Category 4: Trips {inside or} outside our Council jurisdiction AND three or more nights in length
Leaders must send in the Troop/Group Travel and High Risk Form (Volunteer Connect) at least three months prior to the departure date. Council approval and additional insurance is required.

Category 5: International trips
Leaders must send in the Intent to Travel Form at least one year in advance of the departure date, and Troop/Group Travel and High Risk Form at least two weeks prior to the departure date. Council approval and additional insurance is required. All forms are found on Volunteer Connect.


The Council needs to know of all troops/groups who are traveling in the name of Girl Scouts. The forms a leader fills out will provide the critical contact information needed in case of an emergency. If an emergency should occur, the Council spokesperson will have the information necessary to deal with questions from parents and the media. Sending the forms in to the Council in the required time frame ensures adequate preparation time for the troop and allows time for the proper insurance coverage to be obtained. Council approval may be withheld if the trip is too difficult or advanced for the age level of the girls involved, or if it feels there has not been adequate preparation.

Transporting Girls

All adults transporting Girl Scouts (for the purpose of a troop, Service Area and/or Council event) must be registered Girl Scout members and have completed a volunteer application.  They must also ensure that all passengers are legally restrained. If booster seats are required by state law, parents of Girl Scouts carpooling or attending an event that includes transportation will be required to supply a booster seat for their child, unless the driver provides sufficient seats. The driver of each vehicle is responsible for ensuring that all of their passengers are properly and legally restrained.

Cell Phones

The use of a cell phone by the driver of a vehicle carrying Girl Scouts is not permitted. When a driver must use a communication device, she/he must first bring the vehicle to a complete stop out of traffic.

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