Finance Policies

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For further information on Troop Finances, including a helpful list of “Do’s and Don’ts” see Volunteer Connect.

Troop Bank Accounts

All troops/groups must have a checking account in the name of GSNWGL, Troop # XXXX. Each account must have two signers, both of whom are non-related registered adult members of the troop /group. Each account must have our Council’s current Corporate Resolution on file with the bank or financial institution.
*The step-by-step process for setting up a troop account can be found on Volunteer Connect.

Troop Financial Reporting

Upon registering each fall, each troop must file annually a Troop/Service Area Bank Account Information and ACH Authorization form. In addition, at the end of the year, each troop must file an Annual Troop/Group Financial Report with our Council.
*The Troop/Group Bank Account Record form and Annual Troop Financial Report can be found on Volunteer Connect.

Troop Funds

Funds earned from troop activities, projects, product programs, and troop dues must be deposited in the troop bank account. Troop funds are not the property of individual girl or adult members. Troop money belongs to the entire troop and decisions on its use and spending are made through the troop’s system of troop government. Individual “accounts” within troop funds are not permitted.

The loss of troop/group funds through mismanagement or theft is the troop/group’s responsibility, but Council assistance will be provided as appropriate.

Funds and equipment of disbanded troops will be held for 18 months. If reorganization does not take place within that time, the troop will be considered officially disbanded, and the resources will be used by our Council in the interest of Girl Scouting, as designated by the board of directors.

*For further information on disbanding or merging troops, see Volunteer Connect.

Outstanding Debt

A person owing a debt to GSNWGL for more than 45 days will be removed immediately from any adult volunteer position held. Only if the debt is repaid within six months from the date it was incurred may the individual be reinstated in a volunteer position.

Financial Assistance

Parents/Guardians may apply for financial assistance on behalf of a registered girl.
*For detailed information on Financial Assistance, see Volunteer Connect. To request financial assistance, use the forms: Financial Assistance Request Form and Event Financial Assistance Form found on Volunteer Connect.

Refund of Registration Fees

The $15 adult and $20 girl annual national membership dues is not refundable or transferable.

Service Area Funds

A Service Area may open and operate checking accounts utilizing the GSNWGL taxpayer identification number following the Service Area Treasury Guidelines and ensuring the quarterly and year-end reports are filed on time.

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