Placing a Planned Order

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Placing a Planned Order in Snap

Again this year, we are using planned orders for cookies from cupboards! We are trying to ensure that the cookies you need for your booth/additional girl orders are available when you need them. Troop cookie managers will be required to place the planned order to obtain additional cookies.

  • A planned order for booth sales must be placed in Snap the Sunday before the cookie booth is held in order for the cookie cupboard to guarantee they will have the cookies you need.
  • Scheduled dates for planned orders to be entered in Snap are February 26, March 5, 12, 19, and 26.
  • The deadline for planned orders is 12 p.m. on those Sunday nights. Orders must be in by that time to guarantee an order.
  • Troop cookie managers will be able to set a date for pickup in Snap, but will have to contact the cupboard manager to arrange a time to pick up cookies.
  • Please remember, this is a request for cookies. If the variety or quantity of cookies you requested isn’t available, the cupboard manager may recommend a different flavor or quantity.

Once you are logged into, be sure to choose the troop that needs additional cookies from a cupboard.

To place a planned order, click on “Cookies,” then select “Planned Order.”

At the top of the Planned Order screen, there are 2 drop down boxes. Choose your cupboard – some service areas will show 2 cupboards – make sure that you select the cupboard that you want to pick your cookies up from. You can then choose the date you’d like to pick them up. Planned Orders can be picked up from cupboards on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays.

When placing your Planned Order, please keep in mind that orders will be in case/packages. Once the order is entered, click on the submit button. You do not need to order in full cases when you order from a cupboard. Once the cookies are picked up from a cupboard, the cookies will be transferred to your troop. 

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