General Policies

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What is a policy?

  1. A definite course or method of action to guide and determine present and future decisions.
  2. An established binding course of action to be followed.

Standard: An established model or example, which acts as a criterion for a given purpose.

Guideline: An established way of work, an indication or outline of conduct.

All Council policies are approved by the GSNWGL Board of Directors.

General Policies

  1. GSUSA safety standards and all applicable state and federal laws/codes shall be followed at all times by all members of Girl Scouts of the Northwestern Great Lakes, Inc. (GSNWGL) in all phases of operations.
  2. Troop/Group Leaders/Advisors must obtain the written consent of a parent/guardian from every girl wishing to participate in an activity or outing that is held at a different place or time from the regularly scheduled troop meeting. Similar permission must be obtained prior to participating in any program focusing on subjects that may be considered sensitive or controversial in nature.
  3. Troops/Groups and Service Areas cannot legally enter into contracts. All contracts require a signature authorized by the board of directors (includes contracts with and without fees). For complete instructions on obtaining Council contract approval/signatures, see Volunteer Connect.
  4. GSNWGL recognizes that members with life threatening and/or communicable illnesses may wish to continue to engage in as many of their normal pursuits as their condition allows, including Girl Scout activities. As long as medical evidence indicates that their condition will not be a threat to themselves or others, they will be treated consistently with their peers. The Council will adhere to State statutes dealing with medical records and confidentiality and the current GSUSA safety standards. GSNWGL is committed to providing a safe environment for Girl Scout activities. Every precaution will be taken to ensure that the health and/or safety of members of GSNWGL is not threatened.
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