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Accountable to: GSNWGL Board of Directors, Council Membership, Girl Scouts of the USA and federal, state and local government.

Purpose: To represent the voices of girls on the committee as a non-voting member. As a Girl Scout you have ideas that important to share.


  • Understand the Girl Scout mission and philosophy
  • Prepare for, attend and actively participate in regular committee meetings, Meeting participation methods (in-person, video-conference, telephone, etc.) are determined by the committee and are held according to committee work schedule.
  • Make recommendations and complete tasks agreed upon related to the committee work.
  • Represent Girl Scouting and our council in community-wide meetings and events.
  • Lead a “Mission Moment” discussion during a committee meeting.
  • Support the council with a financial contribution through our council’s product sales or Family Partnership donation.
  • Support majority decisions of the committee.


  • Belief in the goals and philosophy of the Girl Scout movement
  • Be a registered member of GSUSA
  • Be 14-18 years of age
  • Ability to evaluate issues and make decisions
  • Willingness, ability, and time to carry out the responsibilities of the position
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality and avoid conflicts of interest
  • Commitment to the position

Term: Two years, limited to two consecutive terms

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