Service Area Plan of Work

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Service Area

A geographic subdivision of the council. The Service Area provides the setting within
which the primary services the Council (organizing troops/groups and providing direct services to girls
and Girl Scout leaders) take place.

Service Team

Provides the primary services in the Service Area. A Service Team is usually
composed of a Service Area Manager, Community/School Organizers, and a Treasurer. Other
common Service Team positions include a Product Sales Manager, a Registrar, Event Planners, and a

Purpose of the Service Team

Placing Girls in Troops and Groups

  • Help with recruitment and placement of girls and adult leaders
  • Help with membership registration
  • Help in finding suitable meeting places
  • Help in securing and orienting troop committee members and other supporting adults
  • Publicity concerning Girl Scout activities and education of the public about the purpose of Girl

Program Opportunities

  • Help with structuring leadership experiences for girls
  • Ideas for community service projects
  • Ideas for outdoor activities and places that groups can visit
  • Ideas for money earning projects, including guidelines and restrictions
  • Ideas for large group or inter-troop activities

Adult Support

  • Person-to-person help from the day the volunteer starts the position
  • Opportunities for adults to learn in many ways from many sources
  • Opportunities to express needs and make suggestions
  • Information on council organization and operation
  • Interpretation and clarification of national and local policies, standards and procedures
  • Feedback on how well a position is being carried out

A well-functioning Service Area is one that provides quality program and support for both girls and
adults, retains extensive membership, and helps the Council achieve its goals.

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