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With over 220 different banking institutions holding troop and Service Area bank accounts, it is likely that some of the procedures may vary from one financial institution to another. In this section we have tried to generalize about the procedures for opening your account, but please contact your specific institution for their requirements.
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Frequently asked questions about ACH or Automated Clearing House transactions initiated by GSNWGL.

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document Troop and Service Area Bank Accounts Quick Reference
Council Federal ID# Use this number when opening a troop or service area bank account: Council Federal ID# 39-1016314 You Will Need Corporate Resolution - needed to open a new bank account or to change an existing account Troop/Service Area Bank Account Information and ACH...
21 Oct, 2013
document ACH Information and Procedures
ACH Definition ACH, or Automated Clearing House, is an electronic network for financial transactions in the United States. These transactions include debit and credit entries, also known as sweeps, and are common to facilitate payments such as direct deposit, insurance premiums or mortgage...
06 Oct, 2014