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document Welcome!
Hello and welcome to the Riverbend Service Area resources section of our new Volunteer Connect! Please check in here periodically for news and information specific to this service area. The Volunteer Connect site is a new tool that our Council developed for your use. Forms are easier to...
25 Jul, 2013
document Leader meeting supply exchange
From Sarah Zblewski- Riverbend Service Area Manager At the leader meetings, we will have a table for putting craft supplies, leader books, bags, anything that can be used by another troop. The purpose of this table will for you to look to see if there is anything you can use for you troop and...
12 Aug, 2013
document Early Registration information - Sign up for GS for next year!
Early Registration: 2014-2015 Early Reg opens up on April 15th. Registration Packets: Each leader will get a packet of preprinted forms, one for every returning member of the troop.  They will be printed only with the girl or adult members name on them. Leaders can have parents look...
20 Mar, 2014
document Open volunteer positions- help needed!
~sent blind CC to RB area volunteers~ Hi In addition to the Fall Product Manager position that I mentioned below (and that is still waiting to be filled), we also have some school organizer positions that are open.  Almond/Bancroft Community...
14 Jul, 2014