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document Appleton Service Areas Kick Off September 15th, 2014 6:00 p.m. at the Girl Scout Service Center
RSVP to so that I have enough treats for everyone, I hope to see you all there! Please remember to bring your bank account information along with a cancelled check or a statement from your bank with your complete account number on it.  Every troop needs to fill our a...
27 Aug, 2014
document April East August 26th Service Area Meeting Agenda & Notes
WELCOME BACK! Fantastic Service Area Membership Early Reg. Numbers!!!! West Girls to date: 183  -  West Adults to date: 52 North Girls to date: 161  -  North Adults to date: 46 East Girls to date: 151  -...
27 Aug, 2014
document Appleton Service Area Fall Product Service Area Managers and Cookie Manager s Contact Information
FALL PRODUCT Service Area Managers Appleton West ...
27 Aug, 2014