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document One Stop Cookie Materials
Do you need more parent permission slips? To request a Cookie Costume? You've come to the right place! All important forms are below.
17 Jan, 2017
document Troop Cookie Manager Information Packet
2017 Troop Cookie Manager (TCM) Information Packet 2017 Cookie Program Dates for TCMs                               ...
09 Jan, 2017
document Product Program Mini Webinars
The Product Program Department will be offering mini webinars to assist Troop Cookie managers with important parts of the Program and any questions that may come up. These webinars can be especially helpful to new Troop Cookie Managers. We will be hosting the webinars on the following dates and at...
05 Jan, 2017
document Recognition Order Entry
Please here: to watch ABC's YouTube video about recognition order entry. Keep in mind that once you've created your recognition order, you will need to go to review recognition order or the manage orders screen to view/update your recognition order....
29 Mar, 2016
document Cookie Booth Entry
Troop Cookie Manager Scheduling a Cookie Booth After you have reserved your date and time at the location you are hosting your Cookie Booth, schedule the Cookie Booth in Snap so the Product Program department can approve it. By having us approve it, the Cookie Booth will be...
27 Jan, 2016
document Paypal Credit Card Swiper
Credit Card Swipers for Cookie Booths We will again be using PayPal credit card swipers. There is a fee with the swiper use – 2.7% per swiped transaction. Troops will be responsible for paying the transaction fee as it will be directly deducted from the troop bank account. (This fee is...
05 Jan, 2017
document How Many Cases of Cookies Can I Fit?
Delivery is right around the corner! Please keep in mind that these estimates are if your car is empty. You may fit more if you are able to remove seats!
17 Feb, 2014
document Placing a Planned Order
Placing a Planned Order in Snap Again this year, we are using planned orders for cookies from cupboards! We are trying to ensure that the cookies you need for your booth/additional girl orders are available when you need them. Troop cookie managers will be required to place the planned...
01 Feb, 2017
document Keep Goal-ing Orders
Your initial order is submitted, but everyone keeps asking you about cookies! Did you know that girls can continue to take orders throughout the sale? Keep-Goaling order cards will be distributed to girls when they turn in their initial order cards. The Keep-Goaling order card is also found...
09 Jan, 2017
document Cookie Booth Packet
09 Jan, 2017

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