It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time!

28968758891_56e455385d_oGirl Scout Cookies have been around a long time – 100 years to be exact. In the early days, girls took orders and baked their own cookies, then in the 1930’s, when the sale had grown, commercial bakers were introduced and the Girl Scout Cookie Program became what it is today, the world’s largest girl-led business.

Whether you’re a first time cookie novice or an expert #cookieboss, the Girl Scout Cookie Program is a fun, engaging way to learn new things, connect with the community, and fund your Girl Scout fun! So, celebrate 100 years of Girl Scout Cookies by setting goals, hitting the pavement door-to-door selling, and sampling our newest cookie, the Girl Scout S’mores Cookie!

Our new Girl Scout S’mores™ cookie is a crispy graham cookie double dipped in a yummy crème icing and finished with a delicious chocolatey layer. This cookie is inspired by the S’mores origin story. The first Girl Scout recipe for the yummy treat known then as “Some Mores” was first published in 1925 in an issue of The Girl Scout Leader.

Are you a Girl Scout volunteer looking for resources? We have everything you need.

Are you a parent looking wanting to help their #CookieBoss? We have you covered.

Or are you ready to buy some Thin Mints but don’t know a Girl Scout? We have a hotline, a cookie finder, and apps for that.