Talking to Girls When They Need Reassurance

CaptureAny time there are large changes, girls can feel the need to discuss their anxieties and ask questions. They need reminders that they are safe, valued and in control when perhaps they feel otherwise. We’ve put together a resource to guide you if your Girl Scouts need reminders that they are awesome and they are going to be okay.

Girl Scouts is a safe space where adults care about girls and provide opportunities for them to share, learn, experience and grow in a supportive environment.

Girl Scouts is inclusive and values diversity. We believe in the worth, value, and importance of every person, no matter what. We have a long history of being welcoming– even when other places or organizations have not. We have always stood by those who are othered and that won’t change!

The Girl Scout Law gives us directions on how to behave ourselves and with others. By focusing on kindness and caring we can make ourselves feel better and know we are doing our best to make a positive impact on those around us who may feel scared, confused, or even make poor choices. Through learning and sharing the Girl Scout Law, we know that millions of women (and men, too!) across the world are saying that we are all sisters!

I will do my best to be:
Honest and fair
Friendly and helpful
Considerate and caring
Courageous and strong
Responsible for what I say and do
And to respect myself and others
Respect authority, use resources wisely
Make the world a better place and
Be a sister to every Girl Scout!

Girl Scouts is a great place for girls to remember they can be leaders. In everything we do, Girl Scouts is about learning new skills, speaking up, taking chances, and developing the skills to be confident and brave enough to be a leader. We’ve got your back!

Girl Scouts is about making the world a better place. In times when we can feel scared or sad one of the best things we can do is to do for others. Through our highest awards or service projects, Girl Scouts helps guide girls as they make a difference in their communities. Being kind and working for those who need help and support is good for ourselves and others.