Cookie Season Still Going Strong!

Did you know that girls can continue to take cookie orders through March 14? Keep goal-ing is the second wave of the Cookie Program, and allows girls to quickly take and fill orders from their friends, family, and neighbors. Keep goal-ing order cards are distributed to girls when they turn in their initial order cards and are now available online. (Girls: orders can be filled by giving your keep goal-ing card to your troop cookie manager.)

The three parts of the Girl Scout Cookie Program:
Part 1: initial orders (January 10 – 26)
Part 2: Keep goal-ing (January 27 – March 14)
Part 3: Cookie booths (February 28 – March 23)

Participating in all three parts of the Cookie Program is a great way for girls and troops to reach their goals! Questions? Please contact the Product Program Department at 888.747.6945 or